Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Glory of the Land laid low!

The Glory of the Land is laid low! The mother of democracy's purity is tarnished, like a Jezebel.

For a while words failed me; I was stuck dumb, like the father of the Baptist, but not by the sight of an angel, no by the venality, the greed of those who now purport to represent the British people.

Odysseus served his King for ten years with nothing but a sword and a shield by his side; Our Lord himself instructed his followers to set forth with "neither staves nor scrip, neither bread nor money; neither have two coats apiece." Such sacrifice of personal pleasures appears not to have occurred to those who have sought to inhabit Parliament's hallowed halls in this century. The nation should mourn, not rage; it should clothe itself in sack-cloth and ashes. For not since the time of Cromwell himself has a Parliament been in such disrepute, have the public representatives so demanded that someone should thunder "Be gone and do not darken these doors again!".

He hath put down the mighty from their seats and hath exalted men of low degree.

Such, it seems, was the rise of the Labour movement a century ago. But now it has become mighty, over-mighty, and it is time it was put down. For the most part its leaders are not men and women of low degree; even though possession of a good degree from a modern university appears not to have imparted wisdom.

Mr Nick Clegg, rightly and honourably, talks of reform. The Queen's ghillie even promises reform; but only it seems to avert the public outcry. The leader of the Conservatives remains silent for fear of what may be revealed about his own party. Reform is necessary but so is honour. And while the public may cry out in anger, let them ask themselves: how often have they voted for a Member regardless of that person's moral fibre, regardless of that person's dedication to the task?

For while the rules of Parliament may be deficient, so is the character of those who have abused these rules. It is said that some have amassed fortunes through the purchase of property aided by the state. Even the first Prime Minister, Mr Walpole, would not have dared to assist his followers through such an extent.

It is time for a clear-out.


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Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

I heard about this on BBC World Service over the weekend, also how most of the British public no longer believes its own government (this from a member of Mr. Brown's cabinet, no less). Tossing the bum's out would be an excellent idea, except I believe that it would be the Tories, and not your beloved Liberal Democrats who would benefit (although if no one gets a majority, could a coalition bring some DLP members in to a national government? I no longer understand the rules governing elections, etc. in your fair Kingdom).

Unlike the Democratic Party here in the United States, Labor is currently suffering a dearth of ideas combined with weak leadership and an emboldened loyal opposition. Tony Blair's initial successes are being paid for by Gordon Brown now, sad to say. I wish your party the best, my dear Gladstone. A nice via media is sometimes necessary.