Saturday, September 13, 2008

A leader in command

It was gratifying to see the leader of the party, young Mr Nick Clegg, in much restored health tonight; indeed it was also pleasing that he had heeded the advice I gave on his last visit to this fair town and now pays some attention to the preparation and presentation of his public appearances. He has travelled some distance since his last visit to Bournemouth and it is to be hoped that the people at large come to realise his many virtues.

Mr Clegg spoke of the erosion of the ancient liberties of the British people and the sad state of decline of a Parliament that no longer governs or holds ministers to account. I confess a soupcon of envy of recent Prime Ministers, who, it seems, are able to win votes in this place without recourse to argument or challenge from members. Mr Clegg informed us that the Government has suffered just three defeats in 11 years of socialist dominance. What a miserable place it must have become.

I find that in my current disembodied state it is possible to preserve and somehow to publish snatches of memory of recent events. Here is one such memory of this evening's tour de force.


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