Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A rousing ovation

A rousing ovation for young Mr Nick Clegg this afternoon following his delivery of a speech of substantial quality and content.

The party of labour is finished, Mr Clegg declared. We are the only party that can deliver social justice.

Speaking as if he were an accomplished orator, his words tumbling from his brain through his mouth, the Liberal leader responded to today's concerns, declaring himself willing and ready to take on the financiers and the speculators who, it is reported, lie behind today's banking crisis. It is reported that perceptive operators in the institutions of the City are able to speculate on the prospects for the weakest banks, knowing full well that this weakened and timid government will rush to their rescue with tens, nay thousands, of millions of taxpayers' hard-earned money. Mr Clegg and his lieutenant Mr Cable are correct to hold their ground. This is not the job of tax earnings.

Indeed Mr Clegg reinforced his message that high taxes do little to favour working people of modest incomes if those taxes are not spent wisely. His purpose, he stressed once again, is to reduce the burden of payments on the poor and to ensure that a favoured few do not continue to defraud the taxpayer.

His words were well-received by the Liberal party, which may now have found its soul, have rediscovered the spirit that enriched and freed the common man. It would be timely if the common man were to hear this message and be spared the folly of entrusting his fate once again to charlatans.


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